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A term of endearment for something or someone of extraordinary cuteness. Conveys a feeling of silliness and childlike super-cuteness.
I love you honey, you are my special buttlet.
by liljoint April 03, 2009
the part of the ass that hangs visibly beneath the hemline of short-shorts/hotpants.
Those are some grade-A buttlets over thaar, thank god for dirty girls.
by logan cleaver October 07, 2003
Those squishy inserts that look like chicken cutlets designed to enhance the rear end.
"Where's my other buttlet!?!I have a date tonight!"

A:Nice ass Jill
B:Thanks,I got new Buttlets.

by R.A.D. June 16, 2007
A tiny butt. A small buttocks. A miniscule ass. A miniature backside. A junkless trunk. A baby booty. A wee rump. A bony backyard etc.
Guy #1. She has a cute little butt.
Guy #2 Yeah check out that buttlet.
by Bdazzell November 03, 2009

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