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A term of endearment for something or someone of extraordinary cuteness. Conveys a feeling of silliness and childlike super-cuteness.
I love you honey, you are my special buttlet.
by liljoint April 03, 2009
Wikibout is a term for falling down that virtual, hyper-text rabbit hole of clicking on term after term, topic after topic, on Wikipedia. You started looking up one thing and then saw something that looked interesting and clicked on it, and before you know it, three hours have passed. You went from originally reading about the history of ice cream to reading all about baseball's greatest knuckleball pitchers. With lots of stuff in between too. A classic wikibout...
"Why were you late to work today?"

"I went on a wikibout. Lost track of the time I guess..."
by liljoint May 25, 2012
The illusion that you have just pooped a gigantic huge turd, but when you look, it is disappointingly small.
I hadn't pooped for days and finally had to go. I sat on the toilet and worked out what felt like a monster turd. I was like "yeah I finally dumped all that shit! That has gotta be a freakin' mega turd! Felt like a eighteen inch monster log! Gotta get a look at this giant deuce!" Then I looked and it was puny. Total disappointment. Poollusion.
by liljoint May 26, 2012

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