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When the people at gamestop buy your 50$ game for 9$, then they put it right back on the shelf for 49.99$.
Clerk: Hi welcome to gamestop, can I interest you in a buttfucking.
Customer: No thanks, I'll just sell my shit on ebay.
by Gamer69 August 29, 2012
7 5
The greatest hole on Earth
by anonymous October 30, 2003
122 52
when you stick a penis (or dildo) up someones ass for your sexual pleasure. this happens a lot with queers. but a man could stick his weiner in a womens ass or a women could stick a dildo up another mans ass. there are endless possibilities
me and your wife were butt fucking last night and thats why theres a white spot in her ass.
by butty fucker December 13, 2009
52 34
1.)To have anal sex

-"'Anal X-Treme 11' was the worst porno ever, is was just a hairy fool butt fucking fat ugly chicks!"
2.)To light a cigarette with another lit cigarette.

-"Quit butt fucking your smokes fools, I got a spark right here!"
by TrealThizza January 31, 2008
49 31
when two guys are having hardcore gay sex. one guy puts his cock in his lover's ass.
the hot gay couple was buttfucking all night long.
by gaybuttfucker January 09, 2004
101 83
Scott Nelson's favorite way to make new friends.
Yeah man Scott was just buttfucking with Matt and now they're going out on friday.
by Krackalackin November 17, 2004
57 43
To have sex doggy style with someone
Put your penis right into a juicy butt hole
by M Botty October 07, 2003
94 80
god's condom
can't make a baby if you use the best condom god gave us so lets do some butt fucking
by jdizel fo shizel December 10, 2010
33 21