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1.something that is extremely hot and sexy
2.Tasteful and attractive
Sha nae nae: Sha kiki did you see him
Sha kiki: He is so fine, i can't take my eyes off him
Sha nae nae: he's buttery....
by Meshalove December 28, 2008
14 28
In skateboarding,
When a skateboarder land a trick either at the same speed he was going when he started the trick,

or to land perfectly clean or straight
skater 1- Dude did you see that tre?!
skater 2- That was buttery


Skater 1-Dude that was sloppy as hell
skater2- Man, i got those so buttery
by Ak-ToDD May 20, 2010
114 18
Especially good or choice.

Derived from the fact that putting butter on something makes it better.

See also clean or tizight.
That new Lord of The Rings film is gonna be buttery smooth I wager.
by Cody Herzog December 07, 2003
122 40
When something is considered awesome or cool, or a combination of those words with the same meaning, beyond belief and must be expressed with words
Example 1
Guy 1: "Hey! I just got $1,000 in the mail!"
Guy 2: "Buttery, dood!)

Example 2
Guy 1: "My wife wants to divorce me..."
Guy 2: "Not so buttery..."

Example 3
"That new movie is gonna be so buttery."
by petey_102 March 20, 2008
59 28
Another word which can be used with the word 'cheesy' when describing something romantic
Me: That film was so romantic it made me feel sick..
My friend: Yeah! It was way too buttery
by Doctorwhogurl March 14, 2012
5 2
Chilaxed, Chillin or Laid back

I.E. - "Wassup bro?"
- "feelin real BUTTERY right now"
by SeaofGlass45 April 29, 2006
17 21
Cool, chill, good, see dank
Man i ditched P.E. it was so buttery.
by marshial September 17, 2006
9 17
A nigga that lurks.
Person A: What the fuck is that guy doing over there?!

Person B: Damn, I don't know. That's one buttery ass nigga!
by whytheeffigottaputaname? April 18, 2009
6 15