1. An individual with an attractive face, but an unnattractive body, i.e. "Her face is pretty, but her body..."
2. A chubby girl with a pretty face.
I let her blow me, but I didn't bone her. She's a butter body, after all.
by OsirusR September 16, 2009
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A growing phenomenon(in more ways than one), a Butterbody is very much like a Butterface, only it pertains to a girl with a very pretty face and an overweight body.

I see this happening more and more these days.
Me: She's so pretty. Too bad she's heavy.
Buddy: Yep, classic Butterbody.
by Kyle July 01, 2005
someone who has a bbbeautiful face but and ugly body
that guy over thurr is a butter body
by april June 17, 2004
A girl with a pretty/hott/gorgeous face..but an ugly/fat/overweight/chubby body
Roger- "I saw this really hott girl sitting down at a restuarant. When she got up to leave, she was fat as hell! I was going to talk to her....but she didn't have a good body so I didn't. HEHEHE"
Jorge- "Typical butterbody. They should really go on weight watchers-think of all the attention they would get then!"
Roger- "Yeah..I feel bad for them! O well! Want to go to a strip club??"
Jorge- "Sure! Ain't no butterbodys going to be there!"
by Maybelline September 25, 2005
A person or persons whose face is highly attractive, but their body is not. Typically rarer than its counter part the butter face.
"Damn, that girl sitting over there is hot... Oh shit, never mind look at those saggy tits and dumpy ass, she is a Butter body". "I can't decide whether her face compensates for her body,what a Butter body"
by Frisky Porkey May 22, 2013

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