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To snowboard on your edge. Used to desribes someone who sucks a snowboarding and slides down the mountain on his edge.
"I was just buttering the muffin when I hurt my leg."
by eric karp February 03, 2004
When you reach the end of your coupling and are approaching your vinegars you pull out and decorate her tree with heathy spurts of bloke gravy.
Spot the dog growled as Jack buttered Jane's muffin. Butter the Muffin.
by MurderousYoric April 29, 2009
while snowboarding, manual your tail then 180 and manual front
"Man, I was shredin' some sweet cherry cherry pow pow, when all of a sudden I decided to butter the muffin that made everybody look. Yeah, bro!"
by Paul Miracle November 15, 2007
pussy the ass :P
butter the muffin: no need for examples!
by timilyn August 02, 2008