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4 definitions by MurderousYoric

When you reach the end of your coupling and are approaching your vinegars you pull out and decorate her tree with heathy spurts of bloke gravy.
Spot the dog growled as Jack buttered Jane's muffin. Butter the Muffin.
by MurderousYoric April 29, 2009
The act of locking your young lady in a Full Nelson wrestling hold whilst ploughing her from behind.
Spot the dog yelped excitedly as Jack made Jane yelp as he plugged her blow hole with a Balls deep Nelson
by MurderousYoric May 26, 2009
When your lady is just wearing knickers and you (standing) flip her upside down, stick your head in the afore mentioned knickers and chow down. She can also go to town so its fun for everyone.
Spot the dog barked as Tom fliped Jane and did the Viking!
by MurderousYoric March 23, 2009
When, during lovemaking, the gentleman is so aroused by the lady he's currently in that, instead of losing tumescence after orgasm, he maintains wood and carries on for a second innings.
Gill was flabbergasted and held on tight as Jack resumed his pounding after a very loud finish." A Gentleman's Compliment".
by murderousyoric January 13, 2010