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taking an entire stick of butter, sticking it into a womens vagina and having normal sex with it in there until it gets soft from the sweat. then you take it and put it in the womens anus, have anal sex so it gets mixed with her feces then let her poop it out into your mouth, thus creating a buttery poopy nugget.
Dude i was so drunk last night

i know dude so was I, i woke up with your sister and she said i gave her a Butter Nugget
by qwertyboi666 April 30, 2010
A type of fried food based off of the common chicken nugget. It is drenched in butter before being consumed, and then steals the soul of the consumer. Popular in Canada.
Hey John, could we get some butter nuggets after work? I feel like dying anyway.
by Rabadaba October 09, 2005
A powerful nugget made of buttery goodness that will forever be worshipped by all.
The human beings worship the butter nugget like a ruler of all gods.
by SkyClashes October 18, 2015
The act of rolling a nug of bud around in hash oil to glaze the nug giving it a butter shine
Damn bro where did you get that nug? That shit's fire! Gettin me smacked from one hit! Must be those butternuggets.
by Big daddy III December 27, 2013
A female's breasts who are large and/or perfectly shaped.
1. Dang, Hailey has some Butter Nuggets!
2. Hey John, when did Celeste get Butter Nuggets?
by Jay williams20 February 21, 2011
butter nugget(v./n.) - The sexual act of buttering a shaved testicle and inserting into the anus of one's partner
I gave my girlfriend a butter nugget the other night.
by creepyhomo August 22, 2008
When you smoke your weed and eat McDonalds very delicious all white meat chicken nuggets and cough at the same time.
Did Robert just have a butter nugget in my car?

Dude i think i am about to have a butter nugget!

Duuuude! There are butter nugget all over!

Are you gona eat that butter nugget?

WHo did all these butter nuggets in here?
by justin guard jr June 01, 2007
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