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A brod with a baggin' body but that face of hers is fucked up ; also known as a paper bag whore
by Blackfire February 20, 2003
When everything on a female look good good but her head
I was gonna holla at Tameka but then she took out her hair extensions and she was a buttahead.
by Nikki13 May 31, 2005
everything on her looks good but her head
look at a female when she is walking from behind or from a distance and she has a nice body and you appreciate their figure but when you see their face it is not a pretty picture
by miyyah February 17, 2004
A butta head is a gurl that has a fine lookin body N' a ugly ass face\head.
Yo man tha last gurl I went wit wuz a fuckin butta head.
So wat did u do 2 her.
Well after she gav me head I dumped her.
by LiL'Nappy Jones February 19, 2005
everything looks good but her head.
damn ya'll see dat butta head over there.tip drill
by pimp E.B January 17, 2004
A chick with 10 body but more like -8 face.
It's exactly how it sounds just put this in front of it. "Everything looks good on her buttahead."
by ThatPhillyBoi October 28, 2004
Everything looks good butt a head
Jen is a buttahead........why cause everything looks good on here but ha head
by Non Ya March 22, 2004
A term used to describe a horrible looking girl
Damn that girl is fine look at that ass.....ohhh buttahead (but her head) (the subject has seen the ladies face)
by Nae December 03, 2004