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A brod with a baggin' body but that face of hers is fucked up ; also known as a paper bag whore
by Blackfire February 20, 2003
7 17
When everything on a female look good good but her head
I was gonna holla at Tameka but then she took out her hair extensions and she was a buttahead.
by Nikki13 May 31, 2005
109 24
everything on her looks good but her head
look at a female when she is walking from behind or from a distance and she has a nice body and you appreciate their figure but when you see their face it is not a pretty picture
by miyyah February 17, 2004
64 10
A butta head is a gurl that has a fine lookin body N' a ugly ass face\head.
Yo man tha last gurl I went wit wuz a fuckin butta head.
So wat did u do 2 her.
Well after she gav me head I dumped her.
by LiL'Nappy Jones February 19, 2005
46 18
everything looks good but her head.
damn ya'll see dat butta head over there.tip drill
by pimp E.B January 17, 2004
33 8
A chick with 10 body but more like -8 face.
It's exactly how it sounds just put this in front of it. "Everything looks good on her buttahead."
by ThatPhillyBoi October 28, 2004
44 20
Everything looks good butt a head
Jen is a buttahead........why cause everything looks good on here but ha head
by Non Ya March 22, 2004
34 16
A term used to describe a horrible looking girl
Damn that girl is fine look at that ass.....ohhh buttahead (but her head) (the subject has seen the ladies face)
by Nae December 03, 2004
36 21