A waffle excreted by anal orphus.

An alternative to the phrase douche bag
Shut up you dumb ass butt waffle
by Siegasaurus June 06, 2007
Top Definition
On a long haired dog, cat, or sometimes, an unwashed co-worker, a combination of a loose bowel movement stuck in the hair around the butt. This mass has been sat upon, flattening it to a waffle-like appearance. In a co-worker, the presence of a butt waffle is indicated by a strong smell of "old shit".
"Hold still, you fucking cocksucker. If we don't get this butt waffle off yer ass, you'll have to stay outside for a week." (Generally screamed at a dog or cat, Not a co-worker.)
by Hairy Dog Owner September 28, 2006
a play on ass hole--pretty much a stupid person.
Shut up you stupid buttwaffle.
by Jamey-Robby-Jeffrey May 27, 2005

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