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Noun. The condition of having criss-cross indentions on your rear & legs from sitting on a yard chair in shorts.
We've been sitting out here so long, I've got waffle butt.
by Sarepta May 02, 2006
A person, whether male or female, who reacts with stereotypically teenage exurberance in regard to a trivial issue such as a person of the opposite sex or celebrity. Derived from the corny, clucking-like sounds such individuals make.
Don't pay any attention to the fans when you get off the tour bus, they're a bunch of cornish hens!
by Sarepta May 02, 2006
Shorter slang nominer for Waffle House. Derived from "affle ho" created by scratching the "w" "use" off of the words on the napkin. Also refers to the often poor service and environment at this establishment.
Hey, I need a break, how about a trip to Awful Ho?
Everything is more fun at an Awful Ho at 3am!
by Sarepta May 02, 2006
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