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Any unwanted chunky debris hanging within the recess of one's butt. Butt nuggets normally require a concentrated effort in order to remove them, such as but no limited to: heavy wiping with toilet paper, or hot water and soap.
by Oracle October 27, 2003
The little brown treasues.

Butt nuggets are mainly poop.

Toilet paper sometimes will get mixed in,when toilet paper particles miax with feces to form small poop paper machey balls.

Poop balls
I took a dump last night, I was ½ a slee,and I did not get my ass completely clean, and this morning I scratched my ass and felt debris in my pubic hairs on my rectum.

It was Butt nugget's I was feeling.
by Nogger Johnstone May 17, 2004
Small piece of fecal matter left lodged in anal opening when defacation does not exit in a generally whole piece. Usually requires tissue to dislodge or waiting of gravity to dislodge itself.
John has to wipe his ass several times because when he shitted, he was left with a buttnugget
by Anonymous November 13, 2002
An insult similar to calling someone a "turd" or a "piece of crap", usually someone who does or says something really stupid or annoying.
The little "butt nugget" across the street kept coming over to my car when I would drive up wanting to show me his new "cool" bike. (The kid was all of 6 years old, a pest and dorky!)
by BKitty July 06, 2006
More than one dingleberry
A cluster of dingleberries
I guess I didn't wipe my ass enough, now I have a massive butt nugget.
by since82 March 30, 2005
when you shit out several golf ball sized nuggets of shit that may resemble the shape of a chicken mcnugget from mcdonalds.
"Damn those butt nuggets came out hard this morning"
"That butt nugget really ripped me up today"
by cherry poppin and suki February 14, 2008
1. A piece of poop
2. Someone really mean or stupid
3. A word use to replace a noun when no other word is suitable
1. My buttnuggets are calling, they want to visit the buttnugget hotel.
2. That buttnugget ate the last piece of pizza.
3. Buttnugget! I can't think of an example for this buttnugget.
by kelita October 29, 2003
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