A synonym for cool, tank, and pimplicious.
"Yo, you so cool mama, that you are butt!"
by tres-banane April 21, 2010
term used in UK mainly South Wales valleys among working class, can be used towards (1)a friend, (2)acquaintance, (3)enemy or (4)somebody you don't even know...

eg.1 "Alrite butt, hows your mother doin?"
eg.2 "Oh butt, get them photocopies done now innit."
eg.3 "Oh butt, you got my misses pregnant, im gonna fuck you up"
eg.4 "Oh butt, have you got 20p i need to catch a train home to Ponty"(Pontypridd, center of the valley universe)
by You spilled my pint May 04, 2008
another word for ass
person 1: fuck you!
person 2: you butt!
by fuck you March 29, 2003
A word that can be used in any situation. It can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, etc.
"Your car keys just fell down the drain."
"Oh, BUTTS!"

"Where are we going?"
"Buttserton... and by Buttserton I mean my house."

"B-U-T-T-S.. BUTTS!"

by iliveinapancake August 04, 2008
If you think something is butts, you think it's really cool, but you still don't like it for one reason or another.
I don't care how much you don't like evil or villains; Darth Vader is butts.

If the ladies won't go near you in your beat-up junk heap of a vehicle because they're all over the dude with the Lamborghini, then to you, the dude's Lamborghini is butts.
by Fat Tony Giovanni August 19, 2007
1. Used gigarette or cigar ends, the part of the cigarette or cigar that either contains the filter or becomes too hot to hold, and cannot be smoked.

2. Cigarettes, smoked or unsmoked, usually in the process of being smoked.
1. The plant had since died, and smokers had filled the plant-holder with butts.

2. The students stood outside of the door, making small-talk and killing butts, despite the NO SMOKING sign that glared down from all outside doors.
by the pope June 11, 2004
Someone who is extremely annoying and draws penises on your work and displays homosexual tendencies.
*Sam scribbles on Von's chemistry lab report*
Von: You're such a butt, Sam!
by Dilly_DRAGONITE! July 19, 2010
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