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one who when sleeping at a sleep over was exposed to a naked butt rubbed on there face.
while taylor was sleeping over at gregs house he was butt faced and woken up.
by aldsjaflkjds August 11, 2006
9 4
Similar to butt calling someone, but accidentally hitting facetime instead.
I received a facetime call from Kate and when I answered she said it was a mistake...she buttfaced me.
by MikeI July 04, 2014
2 0
When looking at one's face and realizing how ugly they are. Relating them to a rear-end.
Frankie- Sean are you sick?
Sean- No why?
Frankie- You are looking buttfaced today.
by cindybadlfkajdsf November 30, 2008
4 2
Embarrassed, confused.
Rick was buttfaced to discover a large scrap of toilet paper clinging to his shoe.
by Fuzzbass February 15, 2005
4 3
Getting highly intoxicated.
Ikes was but faced last night.
by Richard Long April 12, 2003
6 5
The act of ramming one's butt into another face at high speeds.
You just see that bitch get Buttfaced?!


Oh shit man! You gotta watch Buttfaced 7!!!
by FGT April 04, 2003
7 6