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To be completely fucked over and betrayed by someone you thought was a close and trusted friend.
Courtier: Ma'am, today's tabloids contain fresh allegations about the royal family. It appears we've been butlered once more.
Queen: Shit
by Martin C. November 10, 2003
When one unwittingly makes a mistake with massive financial implications, finding the resulting chaos humorous until one ironically realises that the pandemonium is a result of their foolish actions. A term that is utilized broadly within the accounting industry.
Millions of dollars gone and it was your fault and you didn't even know it. You butlered it
by Office_bitch May 15, 2013
To fail at something so badly in the big moment, that it causes incredible shame and embarrassment. (See Butler Bulldogs in 2011 NCAA Men's Championship Game)
Dude, don't butler when you try to get to third base with your girl.

Krista completely butlered her entrance, and walked right into the sliding glass door.
by ricklop April 05, 2011
getting so intoxicated that one vomits on themself and proceeds to claiming they were thrown up on as an excuse.
Lets go out and get "Butlered" tonight!
by KU Soccer November 03, 2010
To have someone spit in your asshole, wait a few minutes, then suck the spit mixture back out of you.
After she got up from the couch, there was a small wet spot where she had been Butlered earlier in the day.
by Feltcher's Cousin July 05, 2010