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A gay male that is neither extremely feminine, nor extrememly masculine and can easily portray both mannerisms.
I didn't know he was a Butch Queen 'till I saw him flick his wrist, then turn around and walk off with a limp.
by ALA September 11, 2005
A mean, effeminate, muscle bound gay man that will kick your ass if you fuck with him.
Tyrone thought that he could beat down Miss Davy because Miss Davy is gay. That Butch Queen fucked him up and embarrassed him in front of the entire hood.
by Tyrone's Cousin August 20, 2005
A girl who is very much like the opposite sex. Acts, sounds, smells, etc. like a man. Sketch right?
Jim: Corilynn is a butch queen.

Jack: For sure breh
by Yeeeeeeahahah December 10, 2010
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