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A lesbian that plays the "male" role in the relationship. Her characteristics consist of Spikey Hair, Flannel shirts, Mild Facial Hair and a Deeper voice. This is the one who straps on the dildo and pounds the other dyke in the ass. Common Occupations: Trucker, LumberJack, Mechanic and Custodian.
Dyke 1: "Hey Hunny, How was work?"
Dyke 2: "Well it started off good until my 18-wheeler got a flat and I had to make a pit-stop. The flat cost me $125 and a blow job, But things got better when I picked up a gap-toothed 15 yr. old and jammed it in her ass a couple times..."
by Gambo384 April 27, 2003
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a weird girl who gets fucked in a shower with me
naomi is such a butchdyke
by Danielasl August 27, 2004
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