A phrase used in response to someone suggesting that you do something.
Dave: "Should I down this bottle of vodka, hold the last swallow in my mouth, smoke a cigarette through my nose, then jump in the pool and swim across underwater?"
John: "Bust it."


Andy: "I know I've had a lot to drink, but that chick with the enormous fupa looks pretty hot, I think I'd enjoy licking her undercarriage."

John: "Bust it."


John, holding up a full glass of beer: "Bust it?"

Kelly: "BUST IT."
by John Boy December 18, 2003
Top Definition
A term used in Hardcore.

When the song is about to go into a breakdown or enter a faster part, the singer yells BUST IT! (or bust, kick it, break, rip it, etc)

can also be used when talking about dancing to a hardcore band.

"Man when Righteous Jams play I'm gonna bust it."
by xinyofacex August 28, 2005
To draw attention. To grab the target's focus before saying something

Used to begin telling a story

Used mostly in the 90's by pimps, players, or any persuasive speaker.

When said:
If aiming to sound white pronounce the ending st properly.
If goal is to sound urban or "hood" do not use the t.

Ex. Ay, yo bus it, I was finna go.....
We was finna steal on that nigga when we saw him coming out the club, but bust it, there was hella security ready to tase a nigga.

Aight, bust it I was at the mall and saw that fat bitch keysha right... Etc
by 90's Nigga February 08, 2011
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