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The act of three or more people scissoring each other. Can consist of both male and female parties.
Why the fuck would I go to an orgy when I can just drink and go to a bushwack instead? And besides, I need to work my hips more.
by Sasquatch McNorris May 20, 2013
3 3
(v): traveling/hiking through dense growth by cutting through branches and bushes;(n): it is also a term used by hikers to describe a very strenuous, obstacle ridden trail with brush, branches and/or bushes etc.
The trail was abandoned so we had to bushwack for three miles.

King Trail was seven miles long and only took three hours, but Prince trail was a bushwack and took 5 hours even though it was only 3 miles long
by veritasmurph1 August 03, 2008
40 23
1.To fuck something, usually a vagina, very hard.

2. The act of fucking something very hard.
I'm about to bushwack that pussayy!

I took her over to my place, we had some dinner, aaaand.....the bushwack!
by Peter BD August 21, 2008
36 35
Copulating amongst thick vegetation; sex in an out-of-doors environment.
We didn't have any money for a motel, so we ended up bushwacking it.
by RottenPunk October 23, 2008
10 26
A short afro especially a red one.
Oh My GOD!!! The bushwack just stole savon!!!!!
by Ray February 28, 2005
20 44
Basically another word for dueche bag
Your such a fucking bushwack
by Robert Herd October 14, 2007
3 47