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A small place, not town, in Pennsylvania, which is increasingly becoming populated with black people from New York. The main elements of Bushkill are trees and the cute deer that aren't so cute once they're in your car's grill. The only things to do are go to Lewis's for mediocre icecream or the Foxmoor 7 Cinemas where the movie is guaranteed to shut down in the middle. Would we really like to kill Bush? Yes.
"I hate living in Bushkill, I want to move back to the Bronx."
#deer #bushkil #trees #woods #bored
by oshmalosh July 17, 2008
Some place in the middle of the woods that used to be peaceful with cute little animals and nice neighbors. Currently, 97% of the people here are from the ghetto parts of New York and New Jersey, the animals tear apart your garbage every night, and everyone is bored out of their minds here. The closest store is 45 minutes away, and the schools have fights weekly. Most of the people here are dis respectable trash that need to go back to the city, or maybe we could just destroy Bushkill altogether.
get me out of this bushkill terror
#boring #annoying #trash #pennsylvania #forests
by WhiteWolf14 January 10, 2012
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