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Kind of like a transvestite, but hornier and annoying with its "Bush-ism" taunts. It is rare and is mentioned a lot in a Youtube video I saw containing backwards messages in the Pokemon theme song. It is the main antagonist of a commonly flatulant society run by Dr. Breen. They also eat kittens in their tacos and jam out to Pearl Jam.....they really suck. .......oh and u said no one could get more ass than Ron Jeremy.....he is a Bush-Vestite. So is Chuck Norris. And that guy from "Sky High", because that movie sucked more ass than a Matt Warrington. Also they are known to masturbate.....a lot to gay hentei.....like a Matt Warrington.
OMG that fucking Bush-Vestite is eating a kitten!
by Harold Penis July 11, 2008

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