A) Brand of beer created from the Anheuser-Busch corp. normally preferred due to value vs. quality. n.

B) Description of an act or any thing that could be deemed degrading or not acceptable.
Tim: Hey man, do you want to drink tonight?
Chuck: Yeah, let's grab a case of Busch

Rick: I saw this joint last week with zig zags and shit on the walls. It was pretty Busch.
by Doonan Sauce September 05, 2010
Top Definition
The greatest beer known to man..Its cheap and it absolutely shits on any other Anheiser-Busch product. Its not for rednecks or hillbillys its for people who arent pussies and actually enjoy the taste of alcohol. Sorry its not a six dollar Corona or Bud Light Lime... Talkin shit about Busch is un American. It looks great, tastes great, feels great and its even got a nice gold top covering its beauty.
by That DudeMaker February 22, 2009
The answer for poor but cultured people's true hatred of bud light beer and the rednecks that drink it. It was born of natural ingredients, and still a smooth refreshing beer (not really but damn its cheap). Also a status symbol among elitist dub-v born males trying to make a better name for their state.
redneck at a party: hey man u want a bud-light?
me: Fuck you. *cracks open a Busch*
by kill yourself please October 03, 2005
Cheap shitty beer. Welcome to college.
Hey toss me a busch. I'm gonna prefunk a little before this party.
by Steve Martin2 October 22, 2007
Short for Anheuser Busch its cheep american beer.
Im gonna gonna drink this busch.
by ddfa@aol.com December 15, 2003
heaven in a can
dude. this busch is heaven in a can.
by meister. July 03, 2009
cheap beer, Busch stands for: Beer U Sissies Can't Handle
He buddy, toss me a Busch
by Redneck Bill August 21, 2009
an Acronym for the beer that's as cold as a mountain Stream and as smooth as its name. B.ecause U. S.ave C.ash, Homey!!
Hey bro you wanna get a 6 of Blue moon for $8.50? Fuck no son for $8.65 you can get a 12 of Busch!! Because U Save Cash, Homey!!!!
by diamonddave420 February 14, 2011
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