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n. A bowl of Pot Marijuana with cocaine and/or xanax sprinked on top. Named after the God himself, Steve Buscemi.
1. Hey man, you trying to smoke a Buscemi?

2. Yo, after the bar do you want to go home and smoke a fat Buscemi

3. Jesus, that Buscemi last night really fucked me up.
by Steven V. Buscemi November 16, 2010
Someone who is permanently in the friend zone, not good looking enough to be the main attraction, but a very cool person. Named for the great Steve Buscemi.
She's a great chick, why don't you ask her out? Nah I Buscemi'ed her ages ago.
by roro xolo July 27, 2014
pronounciation: there no phonetic spelling possible so this is how it is pronounced (in english) : -bus(the bus)-ke(the bakery) -my(thats my dog)

When in a normal situation like a conversation somebody suddenly beats up somebody else or slaps him without anything obvious reason that could have triggered it.

the word can be used as a noun (a buscemi, m.; pl. buscemis) and as a verb (to buscemi, to go buscemi)
Last day when i was talking to bobby he totally went buscemi on me and kicked my ass.

Last week a beat up johnny for nothing. he had a lot of buscemis lately.
by Jan Schrödter October 02, 2006