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Possibly the greatest actor to ever grace the silver screen. Should be worshipped as the god that he is.
Has been in many, many movies including:
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction (as Buddy Holly)
Con Air
Big Fish
Billy Madison/Wedding Singer/Big Daddy/Mr Deeds (Crazy Eyes)
Coffee & Cigarettes.

Has also lent his voice to characters in 'Home on the range' and 'Monsters Inc.'

A true legend.
Person 1: Man, Steve Buscemi is one kick ass mofo
Person 2: Werd. \m/
by MsNugget May 27, 2005
Kick ass skateboard makers/sponsers
Dude 1: Dude that birdhouse board you scored is sweet!
Dude 2: I know man, I'm such a hardcore nugget.
Dude 1: Werd \m/
by MsNugget March 26, 2005
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