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Bus syndrome is a condition where you can only get on a number one bus. You cannot laugh or smile and can have no emotion in your voice. You stare blankely at everyone and feel pain anytime someone touches you. If someone clicks in front of your face it could be fatal!
"Oh look, that poor girl has bus syndrome!"
#bussyndrome #bus #syndrome #emotion #numberonebus
by korkeeCAKES!!! September 12, 2008
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A disorder that arises in your love life when, after being single or falling from broken relationship to another for a while, multiple good prospects appear on your horizon...
to explain better, finding two people you like in a short space of time...
Dude 1: man, this situation with Lauren and Jane is showing signs of Bus Syndrome...

Dude 2: Your Fucked Mayte
#bus #syndrome #choices #girls #boys #hard
by Fightstarboy January 30, 2009
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