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1. A bitch on the bus
2. A person who constantly rides buses and bitches about them
3. A person who talks loud on their Cellphone on the bus and disturbs everyone
4. Something nice to call your friend or any random hoe
Yo, Natalia is such a bus bitch.

My gosh that man was such a bus bitch talking mad loud on his phone on the bus.

Stop bitching about the bus prices going up your beginning to sound like a bus bitch.
#bus #bitch #bus whore #bus seat bitch #hoe
by TT ;) May 03, 2011
What it is: The Bone Bus Bitch runs to grab a bus for the Bones only! Occasionally other instruments sneak on somehow… He/she also enforces the bus rules.

Why we do it: So we get our own bus, wouldn’t you do the same thing?

How it originated: We had to take busses to the Metrodome for all home games. Because of the move to TCF Bank Stadium in 2009, the Bone Bus Bitch plays a lesser role. However, they are still responsible for fulfilling their role when we take buses to other places.
What does the Bone Bus Bitch say: “Welcome to the Bone Bus. The following rules apply: no singing, and no dooking!”
#u of m marching band #pride of minnesota #bone babe #bone bus bitch #trombone
by UMMB Bone October 03, 2011
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