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Basically the huffest band to emerge from the local music scene in Quincy, Illinois.

They masquerade as a christian hardcore band, when in all reality, the members of the band use illicit drugs, drink alcoholic beverages, and partake in premarital sex. They do not practice what they preach and are fakes.

Most of their fanbase hails from Keokuk, Iowa and are Fake Scene Dome girls, whom the term F.S.D. was created for. These girls often try to give oral favors to the members of this band, and often, Zeik (the drummer) and Devonte (the "vocalist") oblige to these wishes.

They used to be a pop-punk band under the moniker Red Letter Affair, but they decided that the only way to gain recognition is to sell out to what everyone else is doing and become hardcore.

Fact: Chase Carson is the only real christian in this band and he is possibly the only reason why this band is possibly cool.
Guy #1: "Dude, did you hit up that Bury The Ocean show last night?"
Guy #2: "Nah brah, I hate that F.S.D. band and everything they do!"
by BTO Haterrr October 23, 2008
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Am FSD Band From Quincy Illinois.
They really just astrive to be like Atlas Lost Balance.
FSD1- Did you see that Bury The Ocean show the other night.
FSD2- No I was at the Atlas Lost Balance show!
by Mr. HxC November 02, 2008
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