1. The act of wrapping oneself in a blanket and spending a few therapeutic hours doing... NOTHING!!!

2. Rolling around of a floor in said blanket yelling out spanish words.
1."Oh hey what are you doing tonight?"
"Y'know, the usual. Rolling up in a blanket and burritoing the night away."

2. "Tacos! Fiesta! Por favour!"
"Hey, man! What are you doing?"
"Oh I'm burritoing."
by Ginger and Sexaaaaay July 20, 2013
Top Definition
The act of rolling over in bed, unknowingly stealing all of the covers becoming completely rolled up in unfair warmth.
I tend to pull the blankets off of my bf when I sleep over. He had to nail one side to the floor to stop me from burritoing it!
by Dave Reed January 24, 2008
Burritoing (Verb) - The act of wrapping yourself in multiple blankets, nearing, but not reaching, the point of suffocation.
Cam was burritoing while watching a movie! He was so comfy wrapped up in all the blankets!
by Toasty Tortilla February 10, 2014

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