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sigh of disapointment or failure
"....... burr"
by Dave Devine May 03, 2004
when shit goes bad.
yo that nigga got shot up,
by flemo September 02, 2003
n. The sound that is made when diarrhea is ejected at high velocities from the anus. Also associated with the colour "brown".
Ahh gross, I just made the hugest BURR ever!
by bahJ November 30, 2005
1 someone a hell of a lot cooler than a smokey joe (see smokey joe)
2 a terrible web designer (but he tries)
3 bambis first word
Burr is so much cooler than that dickhead smokey joe
by I Am Ze Best May 30, 2005
used to express either complete boredom or confusion
jackie: hey jenn, i think you have a hot neck
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005
origin: Lauren Burr is a girl from the Jersey Shore that as the finest ass I have ever seen.

1)refers to a perfectly sized and shaped ass with perfect firmness, especially one a woman you could never get
Man! That Lauren has a perfect ass!
-Yeah, but she's a huge bitch. That ass is a Burr.
by Billy Bob December 14, 2004
confused? u know wats going on but decide to act like you dont
What you do with the $100
by Libi Mathew August 12, 2008