Occurs when someone or something touches something or someone else, and while doing so moving all the fingers of your hand around frantically and saying the word BURR...... Sometimes extra R's can be added to make it sound more terrifying.
1) Here comes the burr train!
2) Come on now Tam you know Tron cant handle a Burr due to his extreme lack of sauce!
by Scatman2112 February 09, 2009
sigh of disapointment or failure
"....... burr"
by Dave Devine May 03, 2004
when shit goes bad.
yo that nigga got shot up,
by flemo September 02, 2003
a big teddy bear of a guy, a bigger man who is cute in his own big way; for those to lazy to say bear or just feel like talking like an ass.
An attractive linebacker; burr david pollack
by Emily meschelle October 15, 2007
n. The sound that is made when diarrhea is ejected at high velocities from the anus. Also associated with the colour "brown".
Ahh gross, I just made the hugest BURR ever!
by bahJ November 30, 2005
1 someone a hell of a lot cooler than a smokey joe (see smokey joe)
2 a terrible web designer (but he tries)
3 bambis first word
Burr is so much cooler than that dickhead smokey joe
by I Am Ze Best May 30, 2005
used to express either complete boredom or confusion
jackie: hey jenn, i think you have a hot neck
by ocfangurl March 17, 2005

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