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Crappy store that has junky stuff and isn't all that clean.
"Wow, look at that garage sale! Oh wait...that's just Burlington Coat Factory."
by Sean GNYCSI October 12, 2006
93 37
ghetto macys .......Store who despite its name hides its coats
Dave:Hey lets go to burlington coat factory

Lary:Shit nigga who u think am Rockafeller
by sir nathanial barthalemue September 13, 2007
71 23
A store that suffers business-wise because 95% of potential shoppers think all they have is coats. In reality, it's much like Bealls, JC Penney, Dillards and the such.
"why the hell would I want to go to Burlington Coat Factory? all they have is coats!"

or do they....
by marmarthe2nd May 20, 2008
58 13