a male; a boy; anyone who has a Y chromosome
They had a baby burk named Dylan.
#boy #male #dude #guy #man
by kateyox July 02, 2006
Top Definition
A nob, moron or fool.
An idiot
"Your mother's party was shit man"
"It was a fucking funeral you burk!"
#burk #nob #moron #fool #idiot
by TJ Spargo September 13, 2008
A person, male or female, who can drink anything alcoholic, including a warm hobo beer, at any time of the day.
Bianca's drinking that 211 at three o' clock today, she can just Burks it like that
#bukk wylde #crazy #doesn't care #gnarly #off the wall
by FinnishTrol2 August 15, 2009
n. A beautiful girl who inspires those around her to live more full lives. A lover of peonies, it is hard for the author to believe that every man she meets has not yet fallen in love with her. A true friend, a confidant, a woman of faith, in search of truth, a gypsy soul that is destined for greatness.
How could you not be in awe of her, she's a total burks
by Whip April 06, 2005
Burk means to be great. To be amazing, to be the best.
That burger was so burk. It was the best.
#to #be #great #best #good #amazing
by cjburkey01 May 04, 2015
Body part on the chest.
The womans Burks are droopy.
#breast #boobs #tits #boobies #dd's
by Mingey Lou Stanley June 06, 2007
A fat man whore, who loves to eat out his mom and hasnt seen his dick in 3 years. he also loves to jack off in front of a stripper
Yo, chris is such a burks, i mean who does that???
#chris #deante #dreyson #rodney #alvin #alec #norman
by Calahari February 25, 2008
chronic liar, ass-hole, cum licking bastard
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
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