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The act of gently flipping a male's nipple or breast upward from below with one's hand, often with a "come hither" motion. The "burger flip" is often employed as a irreverent response to pejoratives or personal insults, with the intent of rendering such comments impotent in the wake of the flip.

A potent reminder not to take oneself too seriously.
Tim: "James, you're such a piece of shit! I can't believe you just ate my last pop-tart! I'm never going to forgive you for this, you asshole!"

James: *flips Tim's burger*

Tim: ... *incredulous stare*
Tim: ... *walks away, embarrassed and stunned*

This is an example of well-executed burger flipping.
by Flipper32 December 11, 2011
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To slap one's female genitalia across a partner's face. The female equivalent of a male swaffle.
Zarah wanted to try burger flipping on Carl, but apparently it's just not his taste.
by BrownHam January 30, 2009
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