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The orgasmic-like emotion that one gets while eating a juicy yummy fat burger.

Ex: Salim and Mustafa had their first burgasm while eating cheeseburger at Dixie Chicken in College Station, Tx.
by steve772001 August 28, 2008
When you eat a hamburger/cheeseburger that is so good you practically have an orgasm.
That new Wendy's burger was so good I had a Burgasm.
by UncleFrank November 30, 2008
A burger-related orgasm.

After eating a burger and experiencing absolute satisfaction.
Laura - "Omg, I just had a burgasm after that McDonalds"

Sarah - "That tasted so good I almost burgasmed"
by nothingquitelikeamcdonalds March 23, 2009

1) The feelings of sheer elation from experiencing what might be the best burger you have ever had in your life.

2) Enjoying a burger from what might be the mecca of all burger places.
hey you guys know i have been in search of the best burger in the D.C. Wandered over to Rogue States burger company and had one of their "No Burger No Cry" burgers. The burger was so juicy and delicious. I had a Burgasm.
by Phillip Pino March 18, 2010
Burger so tasty, that you have an orgasm eating it.
This is so good, I just had a burgasm.
by Akkini Kunju September 29, 2008
when one eats a hamburger so delicious they instantly have an orgasm (can also be anally induced)
-"oh my god this whopper is fuckin delicious im near burgasm!"
by bunsguns July 02, 2009
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