The act of poor peformance usually resulting in failure.
Playing Football:

(Guy 1's ball goes high over the crossbar)

Guy 1: Yeah yeah, did you see my wicked shot then.

Guy 2: What you on about?, you bungled it.
by Talos August 14, 2005
The word you use when your junk is all messed up in your boxers.
Yo guy my junk is Bungled!
by Ty-rex January 20, 2009
To be constantly hounded by someone, usually in a working environment.
Head Accountant: Have you done the work i've asked you to do yet?

Accountant: You asked me that 5 minutes ago, and only gave me the work 6 minutes ago! GIVE ME A BREAK

Head Accountant: I think your attitude towards your work demands a private meeting... NOW.

Accountant: Don't you want this task done? I thought we were supposed to be busy?

Head Accountant: *gormless look* walks to meeting room

Accountant to colleague: I'll be back in an hour or two - I've just been Bungled again!
by Billy_G February 26, 2009
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