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Its when a man has sex with a pregnant woman by placing his penis between the underside of her breast and the top of her pregnant belly. You have to approach her from the side and push her breast and belly together to make it tighter.
While my wife was 8-9 months pregnant, I noticed that there was a nice space between the bottom of her breasts and the top of her belly..almost like cleavage and I thought it would be hot to have sex with that part of her body just like titty fucking. So we called it the Bump Hump.
by jsaustin December 28, 2010
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A dance with someone you would fuck, or with whom you would otherwise enjoy pubic area contact while dancing.
I would never bump-hump my mom or dad. Any pubic area contact while dancing with either one would gross me out.
by Sadie Salacious March 25, 2014
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