When your having sex with a girl doggy style, without a condom, and tell her you have AIDS. Then see how long you can hold on.
"I met this one girl at the bar last night and went for a bull ride. I got 13 seconds!"
by E rok October 31, 2007
Top Definition
having sex with a chick doggy style then calling her the wrong name and seeing how long you can stay in her.
i gave karen i mean tammy a bull ride.
by mike capellupo August 15, 2006
An extremely funny thing to do during sex.

1.Start banging a girl in the ass.
2.Make sure to get a good grip.
3.Lean forward and whisper into her ear:"I have AIDS."
4.Hold on for as long as you can.

The only way it can go wrong is if she turns around and says:"So do I."

Tom:Okay, what'd you get on the bullride last night?
Rick: Thirteen seconds.
Tom:Haha, I got eighteen. Pay up.
by I am you Lol October 02, 2007
To push a object or a person to the limit making it break or destroy it.
bullride your Xbox for 4 months and it will break
by squirrel1 December 27, 2010
when having sex with a girl doggy style grab her hair and say this is how i fucked your sister then see how long you can stay in
dude! i totally went for a bull ride with my girlfriend
by skywalker_909 October 28, 2009

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