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"Bulbtocks" can also be used as an identifier to label excretory body parts (See primary definition) that have exceeded their normal operating parameters to such a degree that possible health hazards may result.
If doing an after-crap cleanup involves 4 packages of kitty-litter, a bottle of bleach, a wire brush, and a call to a wallpaper contractor, then you may then refer to your ass as a "Bulbtock". God help you and your bathroom...
by Fecesboy August 23, 2004
Generic, gender-neutral catch-all term for anything pertaining to external organs or orifices that perform reproductive and/or gastrointestinal functions.
His/Her corpulent bulbtocks rippled mightily with every stenching jet of oily, sticky fluid expressed.

Note: Usage should be vague and both orifice and gender neutral.
by FecesBoy May 22, 2004