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A cycloptic "teacher" who's presence of mind matches her visual range (half a normal human's). Known for repeating self often, and spouting facts that are not, in fact, facts; for example: Vietnam occuring in the 80's.
I really hate Ms. BULAR, she's very stupid.
by Tootie December 07, 2003

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An older, feeble lady. Visually impaired in her right eye. Tends to repeat herself all too often. This tends to anger student after a while, yet has no clue what is going on. Refer to moron for a further description.
"Chalk is made of dust cause it's over me all the time!"
by Jakecup December 10, 2003
A fucking moron. Knows only common sense. Repeats everything a million times. This person is an idiot.
Cathy Bular is a moron.
by Steak December 04, 2003