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Like business, only smooother.
Me: Hey baby, let's get down to buisness if you nahmsain.
Ladyfriend: I like the way you smooth talk a girl!
Me: Let's get it on.
by smallypants April 13, 2009
also: business, bwiznis

questionable financial practice engaged in by the dun, often resulting in massive job cuts and/or multiple stockbroker suicides.
charles: fuckin hell, dun! how the fuck did you singlehandedly bankrupt the IMF?!

the dun: gosh... sorry charles.
by bombis January 13, 2004
a young 17 year old male, living and going to school in shropshire. he may look slightly jewish and reply to the name stuey jewey.
stuey jewey. i love the stock
charles. it's just plummeted mate.
stuey jewey. shit mate
by stuey dave January 14, 2004