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It's a sarcastic, humorous, & somewhat bitchy thing to say, when somebody keeps complaining about an event that happened, or a situation, & they just need to get the hell over it.
Example one -
Girl one: *crying* My boyfriend John broke up with me yesterday!
Girl two: That's terrible, I'm so sorry!
(...7 months later...)
Girl one: *crying* I still can't believe John broke up with me...
Girl two: Oh for fucks sake, build a bridge and get over it.

Example two -
Boy one: UGHHHHH! I'M SO HUNGRY!!!!!!!!
Boy two: Dude, you've been complaining for 30 minutes about your hunger. Nobody cares! Build a bridge, and get over it.
#build and bridge #get over it #sarcasm #bitchy #build a bridge
by Sarcastic little bitch May 29, 2013
When people annoy and can't seem to get over stuff that happened in the past!

These people need a doze of reality.
Q: I caught my gf cheating. What would you do?
A: Yikes! Caught in the act. This is a no brainer dude, move on!. If she did it on you, she'll do it on him. Plain & simple she ain't worth your troubles, build a bridge and get over it.

#build a bridge #annoying #get over it #straight out real #sad honest truth
by BuildabridgeEngineer January 01, 2012
What someone say to a person,telling them the get a life and forget about in a humorous way
example one:
Girl:*cry* my boyfriend cheated on me!
Brother:Whatever,build a bridge and get over it.

example two:
Girl: *cry* my dog I had for over 15 years just died!
friend: Build a Bridge and get over it,it looked like it was dead anyways

example three:
Girl: I think I'm pregnant!
Boyfriend: Build a Bridge and get over it,now lets have sex

I feel real sorry for that chick...
#build #a #bridge #and #get #over #t
by TheMagicMuffin May 09, 2010
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