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A person, "person A," who continues to annoyingly follow another person, "person B," around in an attempt to hook up with him/her. The act of "scratching" the Bug Bite is when person B decides to hook up with person A, regardless of the annoying nature of person A.
Sarah: I was at this party, and Shane got really drunk and was being a real Bug Bite to me.
Jessica: Well did you scratch it?
Sarah: Yeah...
Jessica: *shakes head in disgust*
by Waldo Black November 03, 2013
-A person who has boobs/man-boobs and is not in anyway wearing a bra, so you can see the boobs straight through there shirt.
Ew, look at that guy he has big bug-bites!

Ewh, look at that girl, she totally has bug bites!
by Baddest Biotchh(: October 10, 2011
Another way or nickname or "Hickey" since many young teenagers use this as an excuse and always get busted for bad lying.
John Hey whats that on your neck?

Valerie oh its a bug bite i got from my boyfriend.

John Cool!
by ClitDefiner December 06, 2009
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