Nickname for a 'sub-machine gun', generally used while playing video games of the Timesplitters/Halo ilk.

'Sub-machine gun' is often written in the abbreviated form "SMG". SMG are also the initials of Sarah Michelle Gellar, whose most famous and popular role is that of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. By this tenuous yet valid link a sub machine gun may be referred to as a 'buffy'.
Player 1: "I keel you, I keel you"
Player 2: "You bastard, you only killed me cos you were using a buffy"
by saznar November 10, 2006
A girl who will have sex with you and would punch you right before you orgasm, or perform a "Dunk Tank"
That girl is a total Buffy, she would definitely hit you right before you orgasm.
by swordinthesound April 13, 2009
in the old days Buffy ment "shopping for clothes at the mall all the time girl". in some ways it was an insult.
so you're a Buffy
by Dinoras August 11, 2003
The little girl's name on "Family Affair".
Poor Buffy died from an OD in 1976.
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
A mall goth also known as Mary B.
Look at that Buffy she is such a poser.
by Lisa November 06, 2004
A show about vampires that took it way too far.
Buffy should have ended when she died in Season 5, but for some reason they did two more seasons.
by AJ Naoko June 17, 2005
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