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Junk in the Trunk; Huge ass
That chick as a budunkadunk.
by Gibby December 21, 2004
38 17
A Fat Ass
damn she got a budunkadunk
by anonymous August 27, 2003
113 37
Just about the coolest wor d in the world. It originated in Africa when small females with extremely large asses needed names for them. It the came to america with the french and is used today by many people. it means an extremly Lushious Ass that almost puts off an mangnetic like attracticion makeing your hand moveing nearer and nearer!
Ohh SHit DUde. That Ass Is SOOO LUSHIOUSE. Hand drawing nearer and nearer. I need that BUDUNKADUNK
by EZ February 15, 2005
73 35
Nice big ass!
DAMN! she got a budunkadunk!
by ashley May 27, 2004
32 12
Refering to a womans large breasts, butt, or her entire frame.
Look at those budunkadunks.
OOO, she's a big one. yeah,a true budunkadunk.
by cowboy 5000 October 03, 2003
3 4
Huge ass that takes up two seats
move your budunkadunk so I can sit on the bench
by Ashley M. October 03, 2005
9 14
n.(buh-duhnk'-uh-duhnk) eng.2003
1. a large human posterior 2. an attractive formation of gluteus maximus muscle and fat tissue.
They look really cute together but wait till you see them leaving with their hot budunkadunks and all that junk in the trunk.
by rvltn August 05, 2005
8 13