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the meatiest cut of your manhood
I gave her the deep t bone last night.
by ez October 01, 2004
Just about the coolest wor d in the world. It originated in Africa when small females with extremely large asses needed names for them. It the came to america with the french and is used today by many people. it means an extremly Lushious Ass that almost puts off an mangnetic like attracticion makeing your hand moveing nearer and nearer!
Ohh SHit DUde. That Ass Is SOOO LUSHIOUSE. Hand drawing nearer and nearer. I need that BUDUNKADUNK
by EZ February 15, 2005
When you are performing anal on someone and you pull out your penis and have then perform oral.
I was banging this chic in the ass, and I pulled it out and she gave me a dirty dishwasher.
by EZ August 01, 2003
a state of inebriation, ideally caused by lager (beer). The state directly prior to f*ck-eyed on the richter scale of blood alcohol levels
i'm going out to get schlagered.
by ez September 24, 2004
1. a slow, tiring, and forced stride usually accompanying those of a "nippy-like" nature. See Also: Nippy

2. a type of slow walk that results from engorging on pizza, italian, queso, or burgers.
Hurry up Chris, your doing the fucking Nippy Shuffle.

Christ Ed, too much to eat tonite at Chili's; looks like its the Nippy SHuffle tonite.
by ez February 08, 2005
a "nigger" from africa
"weasy you abed"

"weasy come here"

"weasy get me some fucking food"
by Ez August 17, 2004
A hot, big black chick!! Like Weezie on
the Jeffersons..
Yo, playa check out the booty on that Weezie!!
by EZ November 04, 2003

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