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A record label, shit talking website. Who are damned funny even if I don't always agree with them.
Buddyhead is for the children.
by Andrew El Taco July 24, 2004
the part of the male sexual organ loosely refered to as the helmit
big up di gyal dem weh love bruk arf buddy head
by bada bada June 22, 2006
This has to be the worst punk website I've ever come across. It's the Enquirer of the punk world. This group writes about people's private lives and what they like in bed. Tune in for useless crap.
There is no brain in the Head.
Buddyhead is for people concerned with gossip magazine goodies of no importance to anyone but Buddyhead in their closed off little world.
by Marr2006 September 30, 2006
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