a person with whom one shares portable music player headphones with.
While walking in the hallway, Katie and her bud-bud were reprimanded by their teacher for accidently knocking freshmen students over with their headphone wires.
by NoraBrophy October 17, 2006
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"Bud bud" is the sound Indians (brown ones not red ones) make when they talk. My mate reckons they also say "ding ding" afterwards, but I don't see it.
"Bud bud"
by MGibson May 24, 2009
Taste buds that someone has if any beer darker than pale lager (i.e. Budweiser) is too strong for them.
Guy 1: What beer you want?

Guy 2: I'll have me a Budweiser,

Guy 1: Well all I have is Sam Adams, Guinness, and Kilkenny

Guy 2: Nevermind then, those are too bitter.

Guy 1: Dude how old are you? You need to lose your Bud Buds and grow up a little.
by go to it champ May 30, 2011
Best friends that always smoke marijuana together. Whenever the friends spend time together, it is automatically assumed that smoking marijuana will be involved.
Person 1: "Does Tim smoke weed?"
Person 2: "Yeah man him and I are the best Bud Buds. We smoke together all the time."
by thedankbank November 30, 2010
The full and traditional name for the elite race in the popular game series Halo. This name is given to them because of the sound they make when in anger(Bud-Bud, Budbudbudbud!).

AHAH! Eat that you dirty Bud-Bud!
by TheForestFire July 31, 2008
Anyone of Middle Eastern, Indian/Pakistani origin. Generally refers to those who are arrogant and are a disgrace to their religion and native country (Terrorists, Extremists, Corner Shop owners who charge the earth for everything).
-I need some cigarettes
-Oh, the Bud Bud shop is open, go there.

-I'm going to play Call of Duty 4 and shoot some Bud Buds (refering to the Terrorists in the game, or "OpFor").
by FCMP January 13, 2009
Same as word Sanjay!

See Sanjay!
LBW Budbud. Play sum clicket, LBW, OK?
by Yusuf Cocks November 29, 2004
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