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2 definitions by MGibson

"Bud bud" is the sound Indians (brown ones not red ones) make when they talk. My mate reckons they also say "ding ding" afterwards, but I don't see it.
"Bud bud"
by MGibson May 24, 2009
When you can no longer continue employment at your current job you give them both middle fingers on the way out the door. This type of self-termination is effective immediately. Giving a two finger notice almost guarantees you won't be able to work there again regardless of a change of mind. This notice is usually given by those that are mistreated by their boss(es) for an extended period of time. A person reaches their breaking point and is no longer able to give a regular two weeks’ notice. This type of notice is more common in minimum wage jobs (blue collar) but can be performed at any job or career. Many contemplate doing this but few actually follow through.
I could no longer take shit from Bill my boss so I gave him my two finger notice today.
by mgibson April 14, 2014