buckfast makes you fuckfast ;)
Man: Go Get Some Buckfast From The Shop?
Woman: Why?
Man: So We Can Fuckfast Of Course!
by bluelollipop August 10, 2008
Cat piss and battery acid mixed together and called an alcoholic beverage.
there is nothing as vile as buckfast
by SpacedOut May 07, 2005
The official drink of the Northern Ireland fans otherwise known as the Green and White Army. Heavy consumption of this sweet wine was linked to the poor success of the team in the post World Cup era, however as the teams star is in the ascendency again, so too is the level of buckie being bought to fuel the sensless hedonism and optimism which is required by anyone unfortunate enough to read Beacoms column in the Tele
head up tate's ave we a few bottles of buckfast?
aye why not we're not gonna win might as well get blocked
by B Cullen January 26, 2007
band in San Francisco with keen taste for Tonic Wine and other alcoholic beverages
anyone up for checking out the buckfast gig tonight?... i believe there'll be much alcohol involved
by cormac October 30, 2003
An alcoholic beverage (drunk mainly in Scotland in a brown paper bag for authenticity of being a tramp) that tramps drink.
'Look, Daddy, there is a man on the floor with sick down him chest with a brown paper bag!'
'Well, he must be a tramp drinking Buckfast'
'Well why is he mumbling in a foreign language?'
'Son, that's Scottish'
by Alex July 23, 2003
Sometimes called "Buckie", Buckfast is a tonic wine with about 5% alcohol content. It is the preferred drink of your common ned, because of the funny shape of the bottle and the fact that it tastes horrendous.
Haw man, gizza swig ae yer Buckfast (or Buckie)
by Danbo Daxter May 05, 2004

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