A peanut butter ball covered in rich chocolate. The most amazing cookie ever invented. Also, the Ohio State mascot.
"Those buckeye(s) are amazing!"
by softballkatiie December 15, 2009
Top Definition
Ohio State University's nickname and mascot (brutus the buckeye). Ohio State University (OSU) is known for its great education, sports programs, and very large campus. They set the biggest rivalry game in the nation against that team up north.
Ohio State Buckeyes > Michigan Wolverines

"Dude the Buckeyes dominate Michigan!"
by Wolverine Hater September 01, 2006
Indigenous tree of Ohio "the Buckeye State" whose nut is poisonous. Also the mascot of The Ohio State University. Is a term used for anyone attaching themselves to The Ohio State University's athletics as a fan, student or athlete.
I was born a Buckeye and I will die a Buckeye. And the way the Buckeyes have been playing, I'm gonna die a Buckeye quicker than I thought!
by Suz April 12, 2005
The anal sex equivalent of a "cherry"--anal virginity.
"I've been trying to talk Kiki into giving up her buckeye for months now."


"I finally popped Brad's buckeye the other night."


"Every time I see a headline in the sports pages about "losing Buckeyes" I laugh my ass off."
by BuckeyeFan April 20, 2009
the act of rubbing peanut butter all over your penis, ramming it up someone's ass, and then making them eat it.
"Jake ate the buckeye"
by MCOL12 November 23, 2009
the action of plunging your thumb into a girls butt while fucking doggy style. then stamping your poopy thumb on her forehead
"last night i gave this girl a buckeye"
by Frank Frattini October 15, 2008
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