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Indigenous tree of Ohio "the Buckeye State" whose nut is poisonous. Also the mascot of The Ohio State University. Is a term used for anyone attaching themselves to The Ohio State University's athletics as a fan, student or athlete.
I was born a Buckeye and I will die a Buckeye. And the way the Buckeyes have been playing, I'm gonna die a Buckeye quicker than I thought!
by Suz April 12, 2005
Totally cool, delicious, great.
That dessert was sick-ass.
by Suz January 19, 2004
slang: one who insists on inundating you with unsolicited fashion advice; a person who obtains all of their own unoriginal style ideas (ex. what shoes and clothes to wear) from magazines like "Cosmopolitan," "Vanity Fair," "YM," "GQ," etc. while simultaneously criticizing you and others for your outdated or unpopular, yet more original style choices; an individual who chooses to follow the other fashion sheep, and insists that their way is the only way
Alyssa made a disparging remark about how "ugly" my Mork & Mindy rainbow suspenders are, what a style cramper!

Thank Heaven I didn't feel the need to join all of the other style crampers on campus and sport one of those Tiffany dog tag necklaces!

Lindsay and all of her sorority sisters are total style crampers! They dress exactly the same and then pick on girls who don't wear Abercrombie & Fitch.
by Suz October 27, 2004
other term for penis head, it came from bellend and mostly used for insust
he is such a bellson or suck my bellson baby
by suz October 05, 2003
stupid buttfucking moronic idiot. A 58 year old virgin
Perry Monds is a SBFMI
by suz May 21, 2003
F**king, idiotic, moronic, stupid, lazy ass
A 58 year old virgin who will NEVER get the opportunity to lose his virginity.
by suz May 21, 2003
wicked smart, sexy, long-haired, loveable, creative, humorous, Scottish man who looks devilishly handsome in his kilt; other wise known as Chris McClain, and "Long Haired Hippy." McJim's brother. See geekcore
The bar that McChris built for Suz's birthday is the stuff of legends.

McChris is Suz's hero.
by Suz October 26, 2004

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